Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop

2-Day Energy Healing Workshop

Approved by Quantum-Touch®, Inc.


Experience Your Healing Power

Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop
2-Day Energy Healing Workshop

Discover a Therapeutic Modality That Works with the Natural Energy of the Body to Facilitate Wellness

When you add Quantum-Touch® to your toolbox, you give yourself a simple, convenient and powerful way to bring about profound transformations 

Only 6 Students Accepted Per Training.


Discover and tap into the natural ability to heal that you were born with


Learn how to focus and amplify your natural, life-force energy


Take your awareness to a whole, new level as you facilitate optimal wellness in yourself and others


Watch how the body automatically aligns itself after only a light touch


Find out how this practical, energy healing modality greatly complements any other style you’ve learned


Harness your ability to send healing energy across time and space in this eye-opening workshop

Quantum-Touch® is a significant breakthrough in hands-on healing…an essential and invaluable skill for every lay person and professional practitioner.

Quantum-Touch® can make profound shifts in people’s lives.
Author, Healing With Love

Quantum-Touch® appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.
Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association

Join us for our 31st Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop on

November 20 – 21, 2021
(Saturday – Sunday)
11AM – 6:30PM
in Sherman Oaks, CA

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Jack and Evelyn are the type of teachers that make learning actually fun…they’re like the teachers everyone wished they had in college. I spent two days with them doing the Quantum Touch course and I walked away feeling so happy and accomplished with the new knowledge I had acquired over the weekend! The class size is very intimate (they purposefully keep it small) to allow for more interactions and there isn’t a SINGLE dull moment during the entire class. I love that they know how to keep students engaged with lots of visuals, story-telling, practical applications, examples, etc. I just went for the Quantum Touch but will be back for the NLP and hypnosis! (I didn’t even know what those were before I took the class but honestly, if Jack and Evelyn can teach it as a life skill, it’s probably gonna be awesome.)

Alexandra Lim

Wow! The Quantum-Touch training has brought me to a new understanding of energy healing. Jack and Evelyn’s personal and professional method of coaching and training has such powerful results. It has sparked a light within me to embrace my calling in serving others. You learn as much about yourself as you do about energy healing.

Eduardo Romero


Embrace the gift of your extraordinary healing power!

Life-force energy, also known as “chi” in Chinese and “prana” in Sanskrit, is the flow of energy that sustains all living beings.

In fact, Dr. Oz says, “Energy medicine is the future of all medicine.

When you attend this workshop, you will learn how to focus, amplify, and direct this energy, for a surprising range of benefits for both you and your clients.

The ability to heal yourself, and assist others in their healing process, is an innate gift that you already possess (long years of study are simply NOT required).

In fact, before lunch break on the first day of this workshop, students learn that they can give magnificent sessions to one another!

If you’re new to energy healing modalities, you’ll develop a real sense of confidence that you can truly help others.

If you’re already experienced in the healing arts, you’ll find that Quantum-Touch® greatly enhances your effectiveness and significantly deepens your existing skills.

Perhaps that’s why Reiki Masters say “compared to Reiki, Quantum-Touch® is surprisingly fast” and that it’s “a definite next step” for them to ramp up their abilities.

Quantum-Touch® is easy enough to be learned by children, yet powerful enough to astound physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, and a host of other health professionals. 

Dr. William Eidelman, MD calls it “a remarkably effective and easily learned method of generating powerful healing energy”. 

You’ll learn all of the Level 1 techniques—plus you’ll get plenty of time to practice with each other. And once you’ve learned it, it’ll be yours for a lifetime!

Antonia, 91, loves the benefits of Quantum-Touch!

In November of 2013, at 91 years of age, Antonia fell off her bed and broke her left femur. Her doctors suggested that she’d be bedridden for life—and under 24/7 care. At that time, she suffered from malignant hypertension, kidney stones, age-related dry macular degeneration, a chronic urinary tract infection (that had her in diapers), malnutrition, anxiety, and signs of dementia.
After she was released, I started regularly utilizing the Quantum-Touch Level 1 techniques with Antonia that I learned from the workshop I attended, taught by Quantum-Touch Instructor, Jack van Landingham. I also taught her how to run energy with herself on a daily basis.
Her recent blood test results indicate a significant improvement—everything is now within the normal range! The ophthalmologist (who originally suggested she was going blind back in September of 2014) now suggests Antonia doesn’t need treatment because she no longer has any signs of dry macular degeneration. She also shows no signs of kidney stones or a urinary tract infection. Her overall mood has also greatly improved. And Antonia walks even better now than before she had her accident!

Erika Segura, Quantum-Touch® Practitioner

8 quick facts about our trainings

They're fun.

Your training takes place in a fun, comfortable and relaxed learning environment. (So yes, your chair will be soft.)

We keep the class size small.

We offer an exclusive, dynamic, in-depth experience that ensures you get maximum interaction with us as you build on your skills here. (We like going the extra mile.)

They're hands on.

You'll get lots of supervised "hands on" direct experience during your training here, as well as many opportunities to clarify your understanding.

They're practical.

We have a functional, common sense approach. You'll be able to apply what you learn here to the real world because we like to keep things simple.

They're intensive.

Our trainings are ideal for quick learners with busy schedules because they're fast-paced, comprehensive and involve only a short time commitment.

They're highly motivating.

Shift happens. Our trainings are designed for you to experience a positive shift in your overall mindset and outlook toward life.

We value individuality.

We respect and build on your existing strengths as a unique, free-thinking individual. (There are no "cookie cutters" on the premises here.)

We value flexibility.

We won't limit you with an "only one way to do it" mindset. You'll get many solid tools here, so you'll always have more than one way to get results.

Level 1 Workshops 

NOVEMBER 20 - 21, 2021
(Saturday, Sunday)
11AM - 6:30PM
Center for Advanced Life Skills
Sherman Oaks, CA

Meet Your Board Certified Instructors

Jack van Landingham, C.Ht.
Evelyn Wang, C.Ht.

Our four dynamic, in-depth trainings

empower you to do Advanced Life Coaching in 29 days

  • HYPNOTHERAPIST (7 days) 24% 24%
  • NLP COACH (8 days) 28% 28%
  • NLP MASTER COACH (12 days) 40% 40%
  • ENERGY HEALING (2 days) 7% 7%

Save by registering for more than one training and maximize your results!


  • Discount applies to any combination of our COACH, MASTER COACH and HYPNOTHERAPIST certification trainings only.
  • Student must pay in full at signup in order to receive this tuition discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the medical community have to say about Quantum-Touch®?
Quantum Touch appears to be the first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.
Founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association

In its elegance, Quantum-Touch provides healing bioenergy for the healer as well as for the person seeking healing.

Quantum-Touch has become integrated into my practice of surgery for breast cancer patients. Pain is reduced, scars heal faster, spasms relax, depression and fear turn to hope and healing, and patients are aware that they are loved as well as receiving quality surgical care. Thank you for making this available!
Breast Surgeon, Knoxville Comprehensive Breast Center

I recommend Quantum-Touch to anyone who wants to know the intrinsic power they possess to help heal themselves and others.

Quantum-Touch is a powerful hands-on healing technique that can be used effectively by lay people as well as professionals. I highly recommend it.

Quantum-Touch is a remarkably effective and easily learned method of generating powerful healing energy.

The effectiveness and simplicity of Quantum-Touch is very humble and easy to learn. I am usually overwhelmed when people testify to being healed after a brief QT session.

Quantum-Touch can make profound shifts in people’s lives.
Author of Healing With Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others

This is a blessed tool to help another soul. It is indispensable for health practitioners.

Invaluable to all health professionals. For the researcher, the phenomenon of Quantum-Touch represents an opportunity far too important to pass up.
Author of Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis

I am thrilled at the simplicity and the effectiveness of this technique. Quantum-Touch is a great awakening.

Richard Gordon throws open the doors of energy healing for everyone. Simple techniques, profound results.

I love Quantum-Touch. Quantum-Touch is an exaltation of energy work.

You actually have to see this work to know how good it is. Bones move into alignment with just a light touch, and it speeds up the healing process.

Quantum-Touch is an easily learnable skill that can provide balance, healing, comfort, and postural realignment. I salute Richard Gordon’s unique gift for making difficult concepts readily accessible, and for his commitment to bringing this work to the world.

This wonderful new technique is truly a godsend, and I look forward to making the validation and application of Quantum Touch the chief focus of my professional life, as well as major component of my personal life. I am certain that with further research, the application of Quantum-Touch will become the first action we resort to when someone is in pain, precisely because it is instinctive, natural and effective. This work is truly a gift to humanity.

Quantum-Touch is an amazing method of healing.

Surprisingly quick and effective healing. I highly recommend this method.

With almost 40 years in the medical profession, I can honestly say that Quantum-Touch is, without a doubt, the easiest to learn, remarkably effective, and most rewarding technique I’ve ever had the absolute pleasure to practice.

I feel this workshop really enhanced my belief in the unexplainable, the ‘force’ the ‘unseen’ that we all know flows in each and every loving thing. As a massage therapist now studying cranial-sacral work, the tools I learned in this workshop were very valued and respected.

Quantum Touch is the very first energy healing method to put miraculous results within easy reach of each and every normal human being in possession of a reasonably functioning body and mind.

I didn’t know that healing with your hands is so easy to learn, for everybody You don’t have to be very gifted. I see myself as pretty analytic, but after the Quantum-Touch workshop it is ‘normal’ for me to help to align hips, lower pain and other wonders. Even with severe diseases I have now the possibility to show my love with the help of Quantum-Touch. Everybody should learn this.

It is wonderful to discover the simplicity of the technique for Quantum-Touch. It is an incredible method to reinforce that we are all indeed healers . The class is a giant step towards global healing. Quantum-Touch will enhance other bodywork modalities including craniosacral, shiatsu, and Reiki.

The effectiveness and simplicity of Quantum-Touch is very humbling and awesome. I am usually overwhelmed when people testify to being healed after a brief QT session.

What do students worldwide have to say about Quantum-Touch®?
I’ve been a Reiki teacher and practitioner for years, and this was a definite next step for me to ramp up my ability to run energy. Paula Battaglio, Reiki Practitioner

Quantum-Touch® greatly surprised me! I wasn’t expecting the class to be as wonderful as it was! I received a miraculous healing of my back! I’m very grateful to this class and the practitioners who came. I’m a Reiki Master and am looking forward to noting how my energy is enhanced. Compared to Reiki, Quantum-Touch® is surprisingly fast. —Betty Clegg, Reiki Practitioner

Very informative and energetic! Richard has a very simple, easy method that shows instant results for the participant. I found several new ways to increase my energy flow beyond my Reiki skills. —Gary Morris, Reiki Practitioner

The effects of the work were excellent. Quantum-Touch upped my hands-on healing ability 3-fold. I am a chi gong instructor. —Alain Herriott, Quantum-Touch Instructor

This is the most profound energy experience of my life. I have practiced psychic healing for 14 years and this enhances that skill in such a soft loving way. There is no limit to what you can do. —Mary White Eagle Derr

I have been looking for this healing method for a very long time. It was everything I expected and much more. —Ute Maria Cedilla

This was a stunningly beautiful experience. If we all practiced Quantum-Touch, we would truly live in a world filled with peace and joy. —Margaret Parry

An awesome experience for the skeptic in all of us!!! Its Reiki on steroids and without all the ritual. I like how pure it is. —Gary J.

I am amazed at how powerful and how simple the Quantum-Touch technique is. Truly revolutionary potential to profoundly change the world. I am inspired by the work and will make it an integral part of my life. —Jonnie Gilman

Quantum-Touch® has to be one of the greatest experiences of my life. My pain is gone and I have never felt better. The instruction was superb, very knowledgeable and full of answers. I have never been this in touch with myself. —Brad Nymeyer

My energy was intensified to a level I never experienced with Reiki. I feel I have found what I was searching for to further my mission of helping others be their highest self possible. I recommend anyone seeking healing or becoming a better person take this workshop. —Vicktor E. Ransom

I bought this workshop for myself as a birthday present. This as the best birthday present I’ve ever bought myself. Thank you! For this gift of healing knowledge that I can use and keep with me for the rest of my life. And thank you for making this invaluable information in such an affordable workshop. I loved every minute of it. —Valerie Sky

Really amazing! I have been searching for a simple, accessible healing modality. In a weekend I had the experience of reducing another’s pain, and they reduced mine. I have no other healing training. Everyone had successes in affecting others, no one voiced disappointment. —Beck Hiatt

The possibilities with Quantum Touch are unlimited. Everything is possible in the healing process to everything that lives on our beautiful planet. The greatest power we can use is our love. —Rob Wijs

This workshop was fantastic. The best and most wonderful I have ever attended. Quantum-Touch® is where it is as far as I am concerned. It can replace many other modalities. Quantum-Touch® should be taught beginning in grammar schools. —Lillierose Diecidue

I was truly impressed and felt it a privilege to be part of this workshop. I experienced personal healing of my lymphoedema; but I was so impressed with the healing of one member of our group. It was truly awesome to be part of this. —Susan Hriljac

The workshop was what I’ve been longing for. My soul has led me on this path! My impression is that this modality is so powerful I have finally learned how to breathe the energy. Thank you so much for a powerful weekend, a powerful healing, a powerful beginning. —Suzan Geppert

I came out feeling the best I have ever felt. All my muscles were relaxed, I had continuous energy and I feel like I made a difference in other people’s lives. —Josh Leibow

Powerful yet so basic. Its beauty is in its simplicity. You get an immediate feedback. Whether you’re giving or receiving, it feels great. The workshop was a warm and nurturing environment. I felt connected to everyone. —Linda Nozicka

This is an outstanding opportunity to heal the body and validate one’s self that we can change and be healthy; both mind and body. The most impressive thing is seeing results in class. Thank you for the opportunity, and I look very forward to doing more. —Jonni Vermillion

An extremely simple, profound and powerful way to share the love and life-force energy with others, allowing people to heal themselves. —Carol Landrum

Great technique for increasing healing energy. Easy to learn and quick to see results. —Theresa Skotchdopole

The sheer simplicity of this method is awesome! The workshop is an excellent kick-start to using this method, as well as an amazing healing experience. —Sande Nelson

Great workshop! Hands-on, experiential – great! Leaving with new skills and confidence – ready to put to work! I’ve never vibrated so much in my life! Thank you! —Silvia Kraft-Walker

I have been on a personal growth path for 30 plus years and I have never experienced such deep levels of inner journeying in such a short and quick time span. This workshop was very enlightening for me. It was absolutely amazing to go to such deep levels of meditation in just 5 minutes. —Shari Tarango

I loved it!! It raised my consciousness as I released anger and anxiety and began to heal myself. I reached such a high vibration of love and peace it was amazing! Everyone should experience this. —Maggie Moline

Many pleasant, positive people – Amazing healings, emotional release. Tears streamed down my face as I helped others. I was very calm and peaceful afterwards. —Donna Vetromile

I’ve taken about five energy workshops, and this is the best by far. —Deanne Stepp

I did the Quantum healing two-day course. A dear friend called me and was suffering from migraines to the point she was crying I asked her if I could work on her doing distant healing she agreed. After ten minutes of working on her while she was at home lying down her migraine was gone, she was stunned and cried you healed me. I replied by telling her that she healed herself all I did was increase the energy vibration so her body could heal itself. After that experience I do it with everything, if there is conflict in a room with family or friends I send energy and while light and all is well, too easy, loving it! —Mary Katis

My husband and I have two horses. The first night after my first class with Terri I eagerly went to the stable to see my horses. My husband’s horse has what is called a hunters bump on her back. She has had this for years. Now mind you I had just taken the first day of the first seminar on Quantum-Touch. I was new at this. I saw the bump on her back and something made me place my hands on her back and start to run energy. The bones moved under my hands and the bump disappeared. Needless to say I was shocked. I could not believe what had just happened. Quantum-Touch definitely got my attention. I couldn’t wait to get back to the seminar the next morning and share with everyone what had happened. To date the bump on our horse’s back is still gone and I have gone on to become a Quantum-Touch Practitioner… I sure wish I had taken before and after pictures. —Barb Antkowiak

What are the details on the certification I’ll get from this workshop?
We’re an Approved Energy Healing Workshop for Quantum-Touch® Level 1 by Quantum-Touch®, Inc. 

You will get the following from this workshop:

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion after you complete the Quantum-Touch® Level 1 Workshop.

Your completion of this workshop is approved for 13 CE hours for Massage Therapists by the National Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB).

You’ll also have the option of being Certified as a Quantum-Touch® Practitioner through Quantum-Touch®, Inc after you complete the following requirements:

  • Two Quantum-Touch® Level 1 workshops
  • One Quantum-Touch® Level 2 workshop OR One Self-Created Health workshop
  • 90 hours of documented session work
  • View the Quantum-Touch® website for more information
Which of your other trainings should I take next if I want to further my skills?
We have students from all walks of life who enroll in our trainings to take their skills to the next level—many of whom complete all 4 modules of our curriculum.

Our entire curriculum is 29 days. After taking this Quantum-Touch® workshop, you’ll have completed two of those days.

Our Hypnotherapist Certification Training is 7 days.

Our Coaching Certification Training is 8 days—and includes NLP Coach, NLP Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner.

Our Master Coaching Certification Training is 12 days—and includes NLP Master Coach, NLP Master Practitioner and Time Line Therapy® Master Practitioner.

Note: Students who register for more than one training at sign up are eligible for a discounted rate.

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